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Podcast: Student loans – look before you leap

Presented by the American Bar Association’s Law Student Division and produced by Legal Talk Network, the ABA Law Student Podcast covers issues that affect law students, law schools, and recent grads. From finals and graduation to the bar exam and finding a job, this show is your trusted resource for the next big step.

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How intellectual property is adapting to changing social justice needs

Intellectual property is most often understood in terms of its economic value, but how do our current laws affect everyday creators and innovators? Meg Steenburgh welcomes Professor Jessica Silbey to discuss current issues in IP law and how the mindsets and expectations of younger generations seem to be at odds with the broad scope of many of these laws. 

Recent Episodes

Career shift: How Krystal Williams pivoted from business to law
Meg Steenburgh welcomes Krystal Williams to discuss her unconventional path to law. After many years as a business professional, Krystal’s hunger for learning led her to shift her sights to law.

Jill Wine-Banks’ Rich and Varied Legal Career
How Jill Wine-Banks took on mobsters and Watergate criminals while shattering gender stereotypes.

Demystifying Hot Legal Topics of the Pandemic
Harvard Law professor Glenn Cohen offers an overview of pandemic-related legal issues and their implications in our daily lives.

The Law Student Podcast talks mental health in the legal profession
Patrick Krill discusses legal field mental health issues and offers strategies for monitoring and improving personal wellness.

Get the intel on critical issues in national security law
National security expert and Syracuse University professor William Banks sheds light on how current events interact with our nation’s security and the law.

Housing and eviction law: How law students can help tenants in the midst of COVID-19
Zach Neumann of the  COVID-19 Eviction Defense Project in Colorado explains how lawyers and law students can help tenants facing eviction during the pandemic.

Pro se support: The ins and outs of a legal help program
Meg Steenburgh talks with Angela Tripp, the director of the Michigan Legal Help Program, about how legal help works, the types of information they can provide for self-represented litigants, and how this type of service is helping to close the justice gap.

Examining racial inequality in juvenile justice
Meg Steenburgh talks with Natasha Fortune, assistant attorney in charge at the Legal Aid Society of New York in the Juvenile Rights Practice, about her work and clientele in the Juvenile Rights Practice and offers insights on the steps, both large and small, that can be taken to disrupt unjust cycles and create lasting positive change.

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