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ABA Law Student Podcast

Podcast: Student loans – look before you leap

Presented by the American Bar Association’s Law Student Division and produced by Legal Talk Network, the ABA Law Student Podcast covers issues that affect law students, law schools, and recent grads. From finals and graduation to the bar exam and finding a job, this show is your trusted resource for the next big step.

Latest Podcasts

Documenting an icon: Talking with the makers of the RBG documentary

Betsy West and Julie Cohen talk with Law Student Podcast hosts Caitlin Peterson and John Weber about their movie, the documentary “RBG,” as well as what makes the film unique, why they chose the subject, and what makes Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg worthy of her own documentary.

Maintaining Mental Health at Law School
Caitlin Peterson talks to Alexandria Gilbert, Nick DeFiesta, and Caroline Phillips about how the topic of mental health is addressed at law school.

Serving the Underserved: BYU’s Immigration Clinic
Carl Hernandez talks about the immigration clinic at Brigham Young University, which is managed mainly by students and meets a great need in the Utah community which has a large immigrant population.

The Life of a Law Professor
Caitlin Peterson talks to professor Benjamin Davis about his experience as a law professor including the process of research, the important experiences he gained through his ABA membership, and what makes his job so fun.

Introducing our new ABA Law Student Podcast host, John Weber
Kareem Aref talks to new host John Weber about why he chose to run for the Law Student Division’s delegate of communications and why it’s important that law students get more involved with the division.

2016-2017 Podcasts

The Gamble of Public Service Loan Forgiveness
Chris Morgan talks to ABA President Linda Klein about the PSLF program, how it has fallen short, and the resulting suit that the ABA filed against the Department of Education. She also discusses the future of the trial and how to raise awareness as it continues.

O. J. Simpson and Reasonable Doubt with F. Lee Bailey
Chris Morgan talks to F. Lee Bailey, defense lawyer in the O.J. Simpson case, about his most notable cases and the definition of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Defending Steven Avery, with Making A Murderer’s Dean Strang
Dean Strang, one of Steven Avery’s defense lawyers, talks about the Making A Murderer case from a lawyer’s perspective.

Discussing the O.J. Simpson Case with Defense Attorney Carl Douglas
Carl Douglas, one of the defense attorneys in the O.J. Simpson case, talks about the case and the circumstances that lead to the controversial verdict.

The Law Library of Congress: A Free Legal Research Resource
Sheila Hollis and Barbara Bavis talk about legislative, judicial, and executive resources that law students can get online for free from the Law Library of Congress.

Broken promises and Public Service Loan Forgiveness
ABA President Linda Klein talks about Public Service Loan Forgiveness, the original goals of the program, why the program is necessary, and actions the ABA is currently taking to ensure those relying on the program are compensated.

The Importance of Legal Tech and Continued Education
Continuing Education of the Bar Executive Director Kelly Lake talks about the disruptive effects of legal technology and why continued learning and development is essential for legal professionals.

The Challenges of Trying Death Penalty Cases
The process of trying criminal cases can be complex. Washington state trial attorney Mark Vovos discusses his journey toward trying death penalty cases and the difficulties and challenges these cases can present.

Communication Tips that Combat Gender Bias
McDermott Will & Emery partner Andrea Kramer about her new book, “Breaking Through Bias: Communication Techniques for Women to Succeed at Work,” and gender equality in the workplace.

Transitioning from Military Law to Civilian Practice
General Jack Rives, executive director of the American Bar Association, talks about his career as a military lawyer, his transition to civilian life, and his current role within the ABA.

The Challenges of Law School and Finding Your First Job
New ABA Young Lawyer’s Division Chair Anna Romanskaya discusses her journey through law school and her struggles finding work as a legal practitioner with Kareem Aref, the new chair of the ABA Law Student Division.

Reports from the 2016 ABA Annual Meeting

New hosts Sandy Gallant-Jones and Chris Morgan — along with new Chair Kareem Aref and Student Lawyer editor Lynae Tucker — took part in Legal Talk Network’s “On the Road” series with some interviews from San Francisco:

Podcast Archive

Pairing Legal Activism with Restorative Justice
Organizer, law student, and activist Ruby-Beth Buitekant joins Fabiani Duarte and Amanda Joy Washington to discuss restorative justice and the Black Lives Matter movement. (7/6/16)

Ending Mass Incarceration Through Restorative Justice
What assistance can a lawyer provide for their neighborhood if they feel the community is being unfairly targeted by law enforcement? Attorney Sarah Walton joins us for a look at mass incarceration in our criminal justice system and how restorative justice concepts could be applied. (7/5/16)

Applying Restorative Justice Concepts to Capital Cases
Fabiani Duarte and guest host Linsey Addington speak with Professor Sarah Gerwig Moore and Dr. Melissa Browning about the death penalty and ways restorative justice concepts can be used in capital cases. (7/5/16)

Marcia Clark on “The People vs. O.J. Simpson,” Sexism, and Her Latest Book
Marcia ClarkThrust back into the spotlight by “The People vs. O.J. Simpson” miniseries, a new generation is now fascinated by Marcia Clark, the discrimination she faced during the trial, and the writing career that followed. She discusses her new novel, “Blood Defense,” and also speaks briefly about her experience writing through the prosecutorial lens and the catalyst behind her recent shift towards writing from the perspective of the defense. (5/2/16)

Substance Abuse and Mental Illness in the Legal Profession
How prevalent are mental health and substance misuse issues in the profession and what can young lawyers do to help reduce these numbers? We sit down with Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Legal Professionals Program Director Patrick Krill. (6/14/16)

Law School and Depression
Trial lawyer and founder of the website “Lawyers with Depression” Daniel Lukasik discusses depression in the legal profession and how it affects law students. (4/18/16)

How to Land the Right Summer Associates Program
What should a recent graduate do to find a firm to provide the work experience necessary to land their first job? Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section Chair-Elect John Cartafalsa discusses summer associates programs. (3/28/16)

ABA Law Student Division Board of Governors: Year in Review
The ABA Law Student Division serves to not only provide options for students to better engage with their peers but also to provide valuable leadership and career development opportunities. (3/25/16)

Seeding Success: Cultivating YLD Opportunities with Bryan Rogers
Guest Bryan Rogers about the Young Lawyers Division and the Emerging Leaders Program that is helping law graduates seek significant leadership roles within the ABA. (3/24/16)

The Intersection of Law and Social Science with Ajay Mehrotra
Have you ever wondered how many lawyers continue to practice after acquiring their Juris Doctor Degree? This episode attempts to answer that question with American Bar Foundation director Ajay K. Mehrotra. (3/24/16)

Resolution 109: The Fight for Bar Exam Portability
Host Fabiani Duarte and Christopher Jennison, the Board of Governors representative to the Law Student Division, discuss their year-long fight to provide law students with more bar exam portability by encouraging the ABA House of Delegates to adopt Resolution 109. (2/24/16)

Shaping Your Career Path with David Lat
David Lat, founder and managing editor of Above the Law, joins our hosts to discuss his path to success and provide tips that can help students shape their burgeoning careers. (2/19/16)

Student Loans: Saving Your Future After You Leap
Credible Labs founder and Slate contributor Stephen J. Dash discusses first steps in the post-borrowing world of student loan debt. (1/21/16)

Student Loans: Look Before You Leap
CommonBond CEO and Co-Founder David Klein reviews many factors students should consider before signing one of the biggest contracts of their lives. (12/22/15)

Public Service Loan Forgiveness
What would capping or eliminating public service loan forgiveness mean for our communities? Bryan Tyson, the executive director of the Georgia Public Defender Council and Jonathan Rapping, co-founder of Gideon’s Promise, discuss. (11/23/15)

Which ABA Sections, Divisions, and Forums Should You Join?
The American Bar Association Law Student Division is free, and its members have the opportunity to join five additional ABA sections, divisions, or forums. But with 64 to choose from, which is the best entity for each law student’s career path? (10/08/15)

How Law Students are Helping Themselves
ABA Law Student Podcast hosts Fabiani Duarte and Madison Burke sit down with Chris Jennison, the ABA Law Student Division’s representative to the ABA Board of Governors, to discuss the governing role of the ABA Board of Governors. (10/28/15)

Lindsey Graham on Getting Through Law School and Being a Lawyer
Senator Lindsey Graham discusses getting through law school, being an advocate, and public service loan forgiveness. (10/08/15)

ABA President Brown Wants You!
Paulette Brown, current president of the American Bar Association, talks about her path through law school, advice she has for current law students, and legal initiatives she thinks might really interest young lawyers. (10/08/15)

BARBRI’s Richard Conviser on the Bar Exam
Richard Conviser talks about the history of BARBRI, why it was founded, and how it continues to help law students pass the most important exam of their career. (10/08/15)

What is the ABA Law Student Division?
Hosts Fabiani Duarte and Madison Burke discuss the ABA Law Student Division, its free membership, and how it’s helping law students around the country. (10/08/15)