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Bar Exam Resources for Mental Health

Essential Mental Health, Physical Health, and Wellness Resources for Bar Exam Prep

We are here to support you while you study for the bar exam. During this challenging time, we want to encourage you to take care of yourselves and continue to focus on all aspects of your well-being. Your physical and emotional health are critical to your success in life…and on the bar exam.

Working on Public Service Loan Forgiveness Paperwork

Get answers on Public Service Loan Forgiveness from a student loan educator

Join Ashley Norwood-Struppa, AFC® from nonprofit AccessLex Institute as she covers the ins and outs of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program for those pursuing public interest careers. The Virtual Office Hours series connects you with experts to help you thrive as law student and

The top four factors to consider when choosing a law school

Michael Chen and Rhonda Cohen June 08, 2021

There are a lot of factors that play into choosing a law school. With nearly 200 institutions and programs accredited and

Setting your path: Navigating career choices in law school and beyond

ABA Law Student Division June 03, 2021

Thankfully, career opportunities for law students and new lawyers seem to be increasing as COVID concerns abate. But, how can you best prepare

Get advice on choosing a student loan repayment plan

ABA Law Student Division May 14, 2021

Join LeAndra Ross from AccessLex Institute as she breaks down the sometimes-complicated world of student loan repayment. Learn how to choose a repayment plan that works for you!

Learn how law students can understand and navigate choices on health insurance

ABA Law Student Division May 12, 2021

Let’s face it: very few people enjoy discussing the topic of health insurance. It’s a complicated, hugely expansive subject matter that sometimes feels

Study strategies: 4 study tactics for the bar exam

Chuck Boyk March 29, 2021

Studying for the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE, or the bar) exam to become a lawyer is never an easy feat. Keep reading to

Student Lawyer: The future is what you make of it

Student Lawyer March 30, 2021

Change is always in the air in the legal profession. How do you position your career to be ready next shift? Our writers

Is change on the horizon for student loans?

Nancy Conneely March 01, 2021

Your loan debt probably already feels crushing. Discussions are underway to ease your burden, but their success is uncertain.

Your legal adventure is out there! Considerations for choosing a path in the law

Rachel Gurvich and Margaret Hannon August 25, 2020

Law students often ask, “how do I know what kind of lawyer I want to be?” Or they see classmates who seem to

Still don’t know what you want to be when you grow up, 1Ls? It’s okay!

Emily Hirsekorn August 18, 2020

“The lawyers I’ve talked to said I have to choose a path and stick to it!” “Everyone else seems

Get the intel on critical issues in national security law (podcast)

ABA Law Student Division April 20, 2021

National security expert and Syracuse University professor William Banks sheds light on how current events interact with our nation’s security and the law.

The pursuit of a civil right to counsel (podcast)

ABA Law Student Division March 31, 2021

In the United States, the right to counsel in civil cases is currently a very complex issue. Some states provide counsel in certain