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Student Lawyer magazine gives law students the guidance they need to get through law school and start a legal career.

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The Future Is What You Make Of It

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Cover Stories

The legal future is more techy: 8 tips on how law students can adapt

Whether you’re a “tech person” or not, technology is changing the legal field, and you need to embrace technology if you’re going to thrive in your career. But what, exactly, must you know? Here are eight tech tips any law student needs to know to avoid becoming a luddite attorney.

Change is afoot in the legal field: Here’s how you can be ready

We’ve got some challenging news for you: What you’re learning today may be out of date in no time at all. You see, the legal world, like the rest of the world, is on a hyper pace of change. Have no fear. Your soon-to-be colleagues are here to help by predicting the biggest shifts they foresee in the profession and offering suggestions on how you can be ready.

Go forth without this legal career advice

Your future is vast and largely uncharted, and you’ll make many decisions over the next decades as you seek happiness and contentment in your career. You’ll hear gobs of advice as you weave through that process. The key to your success lies in how well you sift through all that advice and figure out which is worth absorbing into your core. People who’ve been where you are now reveal the worst guidance they got when they were newbie lawyers.

Why I’m glad I engaged with the ABA

When we suggest you get involved at the ABA, you don’t have to take just our word for it. There are thousands of lawyers nationwide who’ve joined the ABA and then seen their involvement expand in ways they never anticipated. Not sure why you should dive into ABA activity? These legal professionals explain how their careers have flourished because they jumped in.

The Pro Bono Issue

Want to help build empathy, starting with your own little corner of the world? Pro bono is your best move.

January/February 2021

The Civility Issue

Attorneys hold a unique position in society and have a responsibility to be peacemakers. That starts with practicing with civility.

November/December 2020

The Pandemic Issue

Lawyers do exceptional things every day. For many, that continued, even increased, during the pandemic.

September/October 2020

The Law Student Evolution Issue

There’s lots to accomplish from 1L to 2L to 3L, so make sure you’ve got it covered so you’re ready to devote your full attention to that ultimate final exam—the bar.

March/April/May 2020

The Career Paths Issue

Not-your-typical law students and first-generation law students tell how they adjusted to and even thrived in law school.

January/February 2020

The Pro Bono Issue

Helping immigrant families at the border. The YLD’s Disaster Legal Services program. And student pro bono stories and advice on how you can begin making your own legal impact.

November/December 2019