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Student Lawyer magazine gives law students the guidance they need to get through law school and start a legal career.

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Cover Stories

The Future of Legal Ethics
Legal ethics: It’s not a class in your first-year curriculum. It’s a concept that will follow your every decision as a lawyer. And, just like the law itself, ethics rules are evolving.

Becoming a National Security Lawyer: Choose Your Own Adventure
Here’s what to focus on to improve your odds of breaking into this burgeoning legal specialty. Given the variety of national security–related legal jobs, the pathways to practicing in the specialty are diverse.

Survey Details How Law Students Have Been Affected by the Pandemic
It’s no surprise that the most recent LSSSE results show that law students across the country felt the force of the pandemic.

Open-Source Law Textbooks: The Answer to the Book Buying Burden?
Professors are writing their own open-source digital law school textbooks, a move that could save big bucks for law students.

Imposter Syndrome: Feeling Like Your Secret Is About to Be Discovered?
Imposter syndrome is all about my own perception of who I am, and that perception is often influenced by how I perceive others, how much time I spend connecting with others, and the classes and activities I participate in.

What Is Justice?

As Student Lawyer turns 50, we take a look at how law students can pursue justice in their careers.

January/February 2022

Legal Careers

Today, there’s a greater opportunity than at any point in the last 100 years to reinvent the idea of work. The legal profession is no exception.

November/December 2021

The Grades Issue

There’s a lot to learn in law school. The September/October 2021 issue of Student Lawyer magazine is here to help you learn how to learn.

September/October 2021

The Future

Change is always in the air in the legal profession. How do you position your career to be ready next shift? Our writers look at what’s on the horizon in technology, networking, and the bar exam.

March/April/May 2021

The Pro Bono Issue

Want to help build empathy, starting with your own little corner of the world? Pro bono is your best move.

January/February 2021

The Civility Issue

Attorneys hold a unique position in society and have a responsibility to be peacemakers. That starts with practicing with civility.

November/December 2020

The Pandemic Issue

Lawyers do exceptional things every day. For many, that continued, even increased, during the pandemic.

September/October 2020

The Law Student Evolution Issue

There’s lots to accomplish from 1L to 2L to 3L, so make sure you’ve got it covered so you’re ready to devote your full attention to that ultimate final exam—the bar.

March/April/May 2020