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Tag: September 2014

Remember: This Is YOUR Organization

September 02, 2014

By Aaron SohaskiAaron Sohaski Thomas M. Cooley Law School Chair, ABA Law Student Division sohaskia@gmail.comLaw school is a marathon, not a sprint. These words ring true as I transition into my third year as a law student. I am proud to serve as chair of the Law Student Division. This is my second

New National Officers Take the Reins

September 02, 2014

By Nicole Israel.The new team of national officers has taken the reins for the upcoming 2014–2015 school year. This dynamic group brings a diverse set of backgrounds, skills, and interests to the ABA Law Student Division. They say they are ready to lead the board with the hard work and

Sporting an Entrepreneurial Streak

September 02, 2014

After an early career in political consulting working on campaigns for the likes of Ed Koch, Tom Bradley, and Walter Mondale, Jay Goldberg became a sports agent representing athletes, retired sports legends, and sportscasters at a large New York-based agency.“I knew I wanted to eventually work for myself,” recalled Goldberg,

In Brief: Announcing the top 10 party . . . law schools?

September 02, 2014

Law school and fun are not always synonymous. Still, the website recently ranked the top 10 law schools when it comes to having a social life. Here’s the list, according to a post there called “ announces the 2014 top law schools for social life”:University of Florida University of Colorado


Fixing the Core of the Housing Crisis

September 02, 2014

There aren’t enough people on the consumers’ side. Fortunately for consumers, Erin Bannister, a 3L at Thomas M. Cooley Law School, is. For more than two years, Bannister has worked with an organization called the Ten Commandments of Real Estate Law Society (10CORE).Founded in the metropolitan Detroit region, 10CORE provides

FIFTH CIRCUIT: Ethan Arthur: Combating China’s Legal Ivory Trade

September 01, 2014

Ethan Arthur, a 2L at Stetson University College of Law in Gulfport, Florida, came face-to-face with the government this spring, making a compelling case to end legal trade of ivory within China in order to restrict the demand.Arthur’s mission started with an independent study project. He was asked to collaborate

Honing Skills for Long-Term Success

September 01, 2014

Law students sometimes think their daily class preparation, writing assignments, and exam review are disconnected from legal practice. Instead of honing their legal skills for three years, they mistakenly take shortcuts that limit their mastery of the very skills that lawyers depend on every day.Students who master legal analysis and

Why, As a Legal Writer, You Must Research in Two Realms

September 01, 2014

Back in 1985, when I was deciding which law firm I wanted to join as an associate, a pivotal factor for me was that only one of them owned a full run of the Federal Supplement, or F. Supp. The firm was Carrington, Coleman, Sloman & Blumenthal in Dallas. The

How to Rethink Interview Preparation for Alternative Careers

September 01, 2014

There’s nothing new or trendy about law students searching for careers outside the traditional parameters of practice. Lawyers are everywhere, and we have been for a long time. We infiltrate industries, organizations, government agencies, and companies. It makes sense when you consider the fundamental skills and strengths that are honed

Mastering the New Rules

September 01, 2014

Andrew Tanick, a labor and employment lawyer in Minneapolis, uses alternative dispute resolution (ADR) skills in essentially every case he handles. This wasn’t always so.When Tanick, a partner at Ford & Harrison, began practicing law in the late 1980s, he’d never heard of ADR. It was a relatively new concept,


Finding Your Nonlegal Niche

September 01, 2014

Sometimes, you just know. And for some in law school, what you know is that practicing law through a typical legal employer would never make your heart sing. At the same time, you know the value of a legal education, which is why you chose law school in the first