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Tag: Graduation

2L Transformation

2L: Your year of transformation from law student to lawyer

April 01, 2020

Law school is a transitional time. It’s several years of preparing to cross from being a student to being a professional. In a short period, we go from being a regular human who doesn’t understand jurisdiction to a lawyer who knows the proper Bluebook rule


The chrysalis year: What to do during your time as a 3L

April 01, 2020

Here we are, another school year winding down. 3Ls are gearing up for the big day they’ve long awaited— graduation—while simultaneously thinking about how fast the bar exam is coming. 2Ls are trying to avoid senioritis as their final year awaits. And 1Ls are breathing sighs of relief

Sisters Lizbeth and Tammy Chavez

Sisters-in-law: Dayton grads to share law degrees, employer

May 04, 2017

DAYTON, Ohio — Sisters Lizbeth and Tammy Chavez have shared a lot through the years: a bedroom, a family car, the same undergraduate school and a major in social work. Come May 6, they'll share something else — a University of Dayton law degree. The Chavez sisters will be among the

The ABA Family

Why the ABA matters to graduating 3Ls

March 01, 2017

Dear Graduating 3Ls, Congratulations on reaching and being really close to wrapping up this final semester of law school. Besides passing your final exams and making sure you cross that stage on graduation day, your top priority is (and should definitely be) getting ready for (and passing) the bar exam. Everyone