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Tag: Immigration Law

Quimbee: Plyler v. Doe

Undocumented students get Equal Protection in Texas case (Plyler v. Doe)

July 27, 2018

This is the latest in a series of case brief videos. Have you signed up for your Quimbee membership? The American Bar Association offers three months of Quimbee study aids (a $72 value) for law student members. And if you go Premium, you’ll receive Quimbee Legal Ethics Outline (a

Lemonade Stand

Lawyer Moms of America taking a (lemonade) stand for immigrant families

July 26, 2018

Last month, Before the Bar wrote about ways law students can volunteer to help organizations immigrants at the southern border. This weekend, you may see another group of people on the corner taking action as Lawyer Moms of America sponsors the Kids Take a Stand event on Saturday, July 28.


Letter: ABA opposes separation of children, parents at the border

June 20, 2018

American Bar Association President Hilarie Bass sent a letter last week to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen expressing the association’s strong opposition to recent actions by the Department of Justice and DHS that have resulted in a drastic increase in the separation of children from their parents when arriving at the southern border.


Serving the underserved: BYU’s Immigration Clinic

January 03, 2018

The rhetoric of the Trump administration has brought a lot of attention to the topic of immigration and refugees. In this episode of the ABA Law Student Podcast, host John Weber talks to Carl Hernandez about the immigration clinic at Brigham Young University. Their clinic is managed mainly by students and meets a great

Thomas Kim

New ABA Law Student Division chair takes on immigration

August 30, 2017

Immigration is a hot topic both in and outside of the legal realm, but for Thomas Kim it’s more than just a popular subject. His own negative experience with an immigration lawyer motivated him to become a passionate immigration rights activist. In this episode of the ABA Law Student Podcast, host Kareem Aref talks

The Department of Justice in Washington, D.C.

Lawyers like Sally Yates will emerge as true social engineers

April 12, 2017

In January, President Donald J. Trump issued an executive order which would send American and the world into what has been described as an international crisis. Just seven days into the administration and eleven words later, Trump signed an order titled “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the


Lawyers were the heroes? I’ve never heard that joke!

March 29, 2017

We’ve all heard the lawyers jokes – heck, my Dad saw my entry into law school as his chance to try out every one in the book! But, lawyers' actions in the opening days of the Trump administration have been no laughing matter. Lawyers "descended” when President Trump’s executive order caused immigrants,

Undocumented Immigrants

Student Lawyer: Achieving Justice for All of Today’s Diverse Students

March 27, 2017

Imagine getting into, paying for, and succeeding in law school—and then not being permitted to practice. That’s the risk for students who aren’t U.S. citizens. Student Lawyer's March April May 2017 issue starts with their stories. Uncertain future awaits undocumented

Cesar Vargas

Uncertain future awaits undocumented law students

March 01, 2017

Imagine getting into, paying for, and succeeding in law school—and then not being permitted to practice. That’s the risk for students who aren’t U.S. citizens. Invariably, law students work incredibly hard to get into law school and then to become attorneys. Many have faced serious

San Francisco

So long, San Francisco! Another ABA Annual Meeting ends

August 11, 2016

The ABA wrapped up its 2016 Annual Meeting in San Francisco on Tuesday at the end of the general assembly. And in less than a week, a lot happened. Resolutions were adopted that affect law students, and bylaws were changed to address advances in the legal system. So here's a roundup

Seeking asylum

Family ties and making an asylum case in immigration court

June 27, 2016

After an outburst of violence, horrific crimes and a gang war, the number of asylum claims filed by El Salvadorian nationals increased dramatically in the United States. Many of such cases involve claims related to violence or threats of violence by gang members, threats or attempts of forceful gang recruitment,

Giving Hope to Undocumented Minors

October 20, 2014

By Nicole Israel. For unaccompanied minors, facing a judge is sometimes the final act of a long, treacherous journey. “To think of an unaccompanied child who nine times out of ten does not dominate the English language standing before a judge in a removal proceeding