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Tag: January 2014

In Brief: Tips to be budget conscious

January 01, 2014

Are you an extern? It’s OK to say no to lunch. That might be surprising, given all the advice out there to network, network, network. But the reality, says Liz Vaysman, in a post called “Externship etiquette” at Ms. JD (, is that “you are a student and are likely beyond

I wish I had known how fun the practice of law could be.

January 01, 2014

By John Bursch. John Bursch is the Michigan Solicitor General and supervises all of the State’s appellate litigation. Last fall, John Argued his sixth, seventh, and eighth cases in the US Supreme Court. He is a three-time “Distinguished Brief Award” winner for his advocacy before the Michigan Supreme Court, and a

Advocate for Equality

January 01, 2014

By Nicole Israel. Last summer, the Supreme Court of the United States issued two opinions that drastically impacted the LGBT community. In United States v. Windsor, the Court held that a ban on federal benefits for gay couples is unconstitutional. On the same day, in Hollingsworth v. Perry, the Court held

Outlines and Graphic Organizers: Making Sense of a Course

January 01, 2014

Many law students never outlined courses when they were undergraduates because tests were frequent and noncumulative so cramming from class notes worked well. Infrequent law school-style exams make cramming from class notes and briefs unwise. First, one exam covering 15 weeks of material translates to

From Rough-Hewn to Refined

January 01, 2014

What’s your biggest challenge as a writer? It’s figuring out, from the mass of things you might possibly mention, precisely what your points are—and then stating them cogently, and with adequate support. Although this advice might seem obvious, legal writers constantly overlook it. The result is a diffuse, aimless style. And

10 Job Search Tips for Law Students and New Graduates

January 01, 2014

First, let’s recognize that all job searches are stressful. The closer you are to graduation, the more pressure you likely feel. Along with pressure, you will probably experience a range of emotions including nervousness, intimidation, being overwhelmed, frustation, and—hopefully—elation at the end. Here are some tips to help you through

Litigation Costs

Are Joint Degrees Worth It?

January 01, 2014

Nikki Johnson-Huston always wanted to get a master of business administration (MBA) degree, but her ultimate dream was a law degree. She didn’t think she could do both, so she opted for law school. One of the first things Johnson-Huston learned in law school was that her assumption was wrong. She

New Lawyers: Stories of transition from recent graduates

January 01, 2014

By Barry Malone. Law students get a lot of advice. Most schools have departments dedicated to giving career advice and assign students faculty advisors. Some schools give students an alumni mentor. Most students develop relationships with 2Ls and 3Ls to get tips on professors and exams. Some of the best advice

Charlotte Law Recognized for ABA Membership Efforts

January 01, 2014

Vol. 42 No. 5 ByNicole Israel Charlotte School of Law received the ABA Law Student Division Membership and Activity Award at the Annual Meeting in San Francisco. The award recognizes law schools for outstanding ABA membership efforts, involvement, and activity in the Division. When the award was given, Charlotte School of Law had 267

Oregon Law Takes Public Interest Award

January 01, 2014

By Nicole Israel. The University of Oregon School of Law was awarded the Law Student Division’s Public Interest Award at the ABA Annual Meeting in San Francisco for its Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC). “We hope law students will be able to both learn about, and contribute to various projects trying

New Mexico Law Receives Division’s Diversity Award

January 01, 2014

Vol. 42 No. 5 ByNicole Israel The Division honored the University of New Mexico School of Law’s Mexican American Law Student Association (MALSA) with the 2013 National Achievement in Diversity Award. Each year, the award recognizes a student bar association’s contribution to the achievement and advancement of women, minorities, persons of disability, and

Hooked on Higher Ed

January 01, 2014

As a University of Iowa College of Law 3L, Maria Flores-Mills worked at the Office of the Provost, assisting the university’s first Latina PhD. During that time, she served alongside other Latina law, medical, and dental students on a panel for local middle school students. The crowd turned out to