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3 personas to create when building your credibility as a legal writer

September 03, 2019

Law students and young lawyers often miss one of the most important parts of their writing: Credibility. Because with the right credibility, you can persuade even the most skeptical readers.  Your reader can't see you; they can't hear you. Everything about who you are must spring from

Journal Notes

Journal write-on made simple—7 tips to keep in mind

May 23, 2019

For law students aspiring to be on a journal, the satisfaction of finishing 1L year is short-lived. Write-on is just around the corner. As soon as you’re about to regain your life and your sanity, the 3L board members hand you a packet and a deadline.


Editing: The alchemy of writing

November 08, 2017

Have you heard the secret to being a brilliant writer? Because there is one. An ancient trick used by all the greats, from Aristotle to Stephen King. Use this device, and your writing will improve tenfold overnight. And it’s so simple: just edit well. That’s it. Learn to edit well,

Cleaned Up

Use (cleaned up) to make your legal writing easier to read

October 03, 2017

Here's a solution to a legal citation problem that comes up all the time. Please bear with me for the intro. It will be worth it. While reading a court decision earlier this year, I came across a passage in which the court quoted authority from an earlier decision which, in

James Comey

The audacity of 'I Hope' – 2 law school lessons from the James Comey hearings

June 09, 2017

It is not even halfway through 2017, and already, it has been a fascinating year for those practicing in fields of law that intersect with the law at the highest levels of government. We've had the continuing travels of President Donald Trump's executive order on travel limitations from several predominantly Muslim

Antitrust Competition

Antitrust Law competition's prize: $2,500, a meeting, and more

December 02, 2016

Do you have a published note, comment, or article in an ABA-accredited law school review or journal? Does the subject of the article address civil and criminal antitrust law, competition policy, consumer protection, or international competition law? Want to get recognized for your writing and win money? If you answered

Legal Writing

Don’t believe the rumors about legal writing

September 01, 2016

If you’re a first year student, chances are you’ve already heard rumors about Legal Writing. Every year, news spreads among entering students that the first-year legal writing course is something to be survived, a necessary but dreaded part of your required curriculum. Here are the top three reasons you should ignore the naysayers and embrace your writing course from day one,

Law School Nation (all states)

Law School Nation

June 03, 2016

A quick roundup of upcoming events and opportunities across the country: • Registration is now open for the 2016-2017 American Bar Association Law Student Division skills competitions. Here are the links and the topics: Arbitration: Sharing Economy Law Client Counseling: Privacy Law Negotiation: Business Law National

Window of Opportunity

Windows of Opportunity

March 10, 2016

Before the Blog gets a lot of news on events, openings, and competitions. We'll be keeping you up to date with some of them in occasional roundups. Here is our first installment of Windows of Opportunity.

The art of legal writing: How to find your voice

March 01, 2016

In most law school seminars, the instruction of legal writing usually gets broken down into technical details. However, legal writing—just like every other form of writing—is more art than science. You must learn how to tell a story, appeal to an audience, and—after you’ve gotten the mechanics of analysis down—trust your instincts. Over almost a decade of

6 Tips for Developing an Informal Writing Style

December 01, 2015

By Jennifer Murphy Romig JENNIFER ROMIG is an instructor of legal analysis, research, and communication at Emory University School of Law in Atlanta. She blogs about listening skills at Emory student Asif Hossain provided assistance and feedback, and professors Ruth Anne Robbins and Kristen Tiscione engaged in helpful

ABA Section of Litigation Logo

Video: Your expertise starts today

November 13, 2015

What will your resume look like in four years' time? Ron Marmer, past chair of the Section of Litigation, says what you do now can help you build your track record — and help define your sphere of expertise on your resume. "Think about how the total resume will look," Marmer says

resume dos and donts.

Do’s and don’ts for resumes and cover letters

September 01, 2015

By Mark Weber When you have approximately 15 seconds to grab the attention of an employer who’s scanning your resume and cover letter, how can you make a strong first impression? Here’s a road map. First, before you even begin working on a resume and cover letter, clean up your online presence.

Open doors at law firms

September 01, 2015

By Carol Kanarek CAROL KANAREK ( is a former transactional lawyer who has also earned her master’s degree in social work. She has provided career-related services to lawyers, law students, and law firms for more than 30 years. Resumes and cover letters are the key to sparking the interest of potential employers. The

Tips for making the right first impression

September 01, 2015

By Avery Blank AVERY BLANK ( uses her legal training as a consultant and is a nationally recognized women’s advocate. Your online presence may now be the first impression you make on others. You can access information on the Internet about yourself and others more quickly and easily (for better or for worse)

Use terms and connectors for precise search results

April 01, 2015

By Catherine M. Dunn   CATHERINE M. DUNN ( is head of reference services at the University of Connecticut School of Law Library and adjunct professor of law at UConn School of Law in Hartford. When given a new legal research project, do

A paperless world? Not so fast

December 14, 2014

Put down your iPad, your Kindle, or other “device”—just for a second. Recent studies have shown that reading in print leads to better comprehension and recall than reading on a screen. That’s according to Myra Orlen, associate professor of legal research and writing and director of academic success programs at Western

Do Law Students Become Worse Writers?

May 01, 2013

We’ll stipulate to a loss of writing confidence among many law students. But let’s investigate whether this self-perception of deteriorating skills is an accurate one. Once praised for their writing, some law students find that commendation has turned into condemnation. They wonder what’s happened. Are they now engaged in a fundamentally

Getting seriously good—in public

November 01, 2011

For years I’ve encouraged lawyers to write for publication. I suggest starting with a local bar’s newsletter. Write about the useful know-how you’ve picked up in practice.

Use and Abuse of Metadata

December 01, 2010

Imagine that you are a lawyer conversing with a client in your office. It’s a nice day, so you leave your window open. Another lawyer who works in the same building, and happens to represent a party currently negotiating a contract with your client, is standing outside your window having