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Tag: License

Preparing References

How to prepare references for a state bar application

September 16, 2020

There are many steps that aspiring lawyers must take before being admitted to a state bar. While many individuals are familiar with the bar exam that lawyers are often required to take, there are other critical aspects of the application process that could affect the likelihood of being

Ethics Series

What are the parameters of 'practice' if you're not yet a lawyer?

April 19, 2017

Law students often receive their first practical experience in the practice of law as a law student employee of a law firm. This can be a great experience for law students, but a law student is not a lawyer and what the law student is allowed to do is limited. Our

Uniform Bar Exam Test

The Uniform Bar Exam: An unclear hurdle to licensure

August 01, 2016

Ask any attorney about his or her bar exam experience and you will get a slew of stressful, nerve-racking tales, doubtfully containing any positive tones. For me, personally, I will never forget the awful experience, including an all-nighter before the second day of the exam. When you have to memorize