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Student Lawyer: Civility in the Profession Issue

Student Lawyer: Civility in the Profession Issue

December 08, 2016

The November/December 2016 issue of Student Lawyer carries this one message: You can be civil and succeed as a lawyer. We teach you how to contend without being contentious, how to navigate office politics without alienating your co-workers, and update you on the DREAM Initiative and the Law Student Podcast.


Want a successful legal career? Be nice

December 01, 2016

You can zealously represent your clients without being a schmuck, and lawyers promise your career and your clients will be the beneficiaries.


Activism and your legal career

December 01, 2016

How far can you go in showing your political stripes while maintaining a successful career? That depends on  whom you ask.


What to know about your first summer internship

December 01, 2016

The 1L summer internship is the capstone to the first year of law school. You can finally get out of the classroom and put what you’ve learned to use in actual legal practice.


It’s okay to get nervous

December 01, 2016

Here's how to turn your nerves into a strength, not a weakness that keeps you from continually challenging yourself.

Law Student Podcast

Law Student Podcasts: Here’s what you’re missing

December 01, 2016

Even busy law students need entertainment sometimes. Don’t miss out on some really interesting discussions—be sure to check out the ABA Law Student Division podcast. Not only does it have new hosts, but the podcast also has new guests on unique topics. The most recent podcast featured an

Gloria Allred

Gloria Allred: Follow your instincts from the start

December 01, 2016

I Wish I'd Known By GLORIA ALLRED. Throughout my legal career I’ve taken what I’d call educated risks and followed my instincts. If I hadn’t done that, my life would have been very different. Early in my career, Judge Arthur Alarcon, for whom