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Tag: October 2010

Circuit Board

October 01, 2010

Vol. 39 No. 2To find out which ABA Law Student Division circuit your school is in, read about your circuit, and get contact info for your circuit governor, visit To report news from your school, e-mail your circuit governor and Circuit. Brendan Sponheimer and James Murtha of Western

Liaison Notebook: Why Media Law Is Important for Every Law Student

October 01, 2010

By Alicia Wagner Calzada.There were a mere 14 students in my copyright class last year. About twice that many were in my First Amendment class. And yet, blogging and social networking sites are pervasive in the legal community, the law school community, and, certainly, in society as a whole. Without

Liaison Notebook: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October 01, 2010

Vol. 39 No. 2By Ali IglehartAli Iglehart (, a third-year law student at Stetson University College of Law, is the 2010–11 Law Student Division Liaison to the Commission on Domestic Violence. The American Bar Association Commission on Domestic Violence was founded in 1994 to increase access to justice for victims of

Legal Encyclopedias: Research “Well Begun”

October 01, 2010

Well begun is half done. The old saying applies to legal research just as it does to much of life. Finding a good place to start makes a big difference in how quickly and productively you research. Legal encyclopedias are some of the best tools for ensuring that a legal

Letter of Recommendation

Professionalism 101: Obtaining a letter of recommendation

October 01, 2010

Chances are, sometime during your law school career, you’ll need letters of recommendation to accompany a job application. When a potential employer requests recommendation letters, don’t be shy about asking professors and current or past employers. Most expect to support students in their job searches by providing them.But when requesting

What brand are you selling?

October 01, 2010

What people think of you matters. Your professional reputation—or brand—will impact the opportunities that are available to you. Even big law firms that are obsessed with grades move beyond academic performance to a more complete view of candidates before extending offers. Small firms, government agencies, and public interest employers give

Use Your Time and Talents to Make a Positive Difference

October 01, 2010

Vol. 39 No. 2By AnnMichelle HartYour Division’s Board of Governors is committed to assisting you in building the bridges you need to seamlessly move from student to employed lawyer. We’re working hard to give you a clear, strong voice in the ABA. As law students, you are the future of

Student Debt Webinar

How To Save Money and Build Wealth During Law School

October 01, 2010

Law school is not for the financially faint of heart. But that does not mean you have to mire yourself in debt that will dictate your every move for years to come. With careful research, planning, and diligence, you can shrink both large and small school expenses—and even lay the

Students Protecting Democracy: One Vote at a Time

October 01, 2010

By Paria Kooklan.As the political parties get ready for this November’s midterm elections, voting rights advocates are getting ready as well. As in the past few elections, a veritable army of legal volunteers will be deployed to make sure that every eligible voter is afforded the right to cast his

Think Tank

So You Want to Make Policy? Think Tank Jobs for Lawyers

October 01, 2010

By Arin Greenwood. So what is a think tank, anyway? The term “think tank” can mean lots of different things. It usually (though not always) is used to describe a nonprofit, public policy-oriented organization that does research and advocacy. But there is no strict definition of what makes an organization a think

South Texas College of Law Wins National Appellate Advocacy Com-petition

September 01, 2010

Vol. 39 No. 2By Alvan BalentAlvan Balent graduated with honors from Florida State University College of Law in May 2010. He was the 2009–10 NAAC national student director. For the second year in a row, South Texas College of Law won the ABA Law Student Division National Appellate Advocacy Competition (NAAC).“It