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Tag: Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Giving back through annual Personal Injury Scholarship

January 24, 2018

Here at Staver Law Group, we know the complex decisions and tasks you face during law school. After all, we went through it ourselves. While you’re heavily focused on your classes each semester, you’re also expected to take on additional responsibilities. From school-related organizations to internships and clerk positions, you’re

Personal Injury

Should law students consider becoming personal injury lawyers?

December 18, 2017

Back in 1995, when I graduated from law school, the common approach to finding a job after law school went something like this: Examine job board.  Submit resume. Wait for requests for interviews from participating law firms.  Attend numerous interviews.  Receive several job offers.  Select future career path from among those


5 questions every personal injury lawyer must know how to answer

July 11, 2017

While law school likely prepared you to answer questions on substantive law, there are certain practicalities that often go ignored. Many law schools now emphasize legal skills and the practice of law, your exposure to client interactions likely came through externships, internships, clinics, or clerkships. If you plan to practice

Do you have the right stuff to succeed in PI work

December 01, 2015

By Jared Staver JARED STAVER is managing partner of the Staver Law Group, a personal-injury firm he launched 15 years ago in Chicago. Do personal injury work, they said! It’s Exciting, and you’ll make gobs of money! You’ve probably heard that advice, and it can be true. Personal injury law is a highly