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Tag: Salary Negotiations

Salary Negotiation

Sue your inner critic, get a higher salary

March 24, 2016

One crucial skill that is not (but should be) taught in law school is how to powerfully present the case that you would be an asset to your prospective employer and that you deserve a higher salary. This is a skill that is left out from the other valuable technical skills


The popular private law firm internship – is it for you?

January 15, 2016

The view into the world of private practice may appear very cloudy to law students.  In fact, after speaking with many students, it is sometimes surprising how little they understand about the basics of law firms.  Without this basic understanding, how can you make an informed decision on your career


Salary Negotiations 101

May 01, 2013

Rule #1: Know Why You Are Negotiating Engaging in salary negotiations simply to conform to preconceived salary expectations or to gain a slight salary increase is needless and may jeopardize an offer of employment. Knowing whether negotiations are warranted takes factual investigation and self-awareness. Some of the right reasons to engage