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Tag: September October 2022

Four students who came from other careers share their experiences and best tips for success.

Older Student? Use It to Your Advantage

October 28, 2022

Whatever brought you to law school later in life, returning to the classroom carries different challenges and considerations than it might have when you were 24—a common age for 1L students.

8 More Skills to Build

October 28, 2022

The skills listed in The Skills Future Lawyers Will Need are just the beginning. Lawyers and others in the legal world say these superpowers should also be part of your toolkit.

Typing? Yes, you’ll need to know how to type well, along with a few more skills probably not on your current to-do list.

Beyond the Law: The Skills Future Lawyers Need

October 28, 2022

How can you be ready for the next shift in the legal industry? Always keep an eye out for the skills forward thinkers say you’ll need. Start with these areas of focus legal experts say will place you ahead of your competition as your career unfolds.

People who tell you to put your head down and study, study, study are doing law school wrong.

The Case for Putting Yourself “Out There”

October 28, 2022

During my first semester of law school, I was initially startled by the rigor and pace of my core classes. Studying was all I did. I buried myself in my case books, endlessly briefed cases, and did little else. When the December break came around,

Danielle Hall and David Jessup, Jr.

First-Generation Law Students: How to Start Strong

October 28, 2022

Being the first at anything inspires both pride and, in many cases, trepidation. If you’re the first in your family to accomplish the law school admissions process, those emotions are probably competing for dominance in your head each morning you wake up. We’ve got your

Alone in a Crowd

Michael Nava: Fight for Your Place

October 28, 2022

One afternoon in 1980, as I was sitting in the courtyard of Stanford Law School, I overheard two of my classmates—White guys—talking about the “minority” students at the school, one of them assuring the other, “They’re all affirmative action admits.” It wasn’t a neutral observation,

Imagine 10 years from today earning more than you ever dreamed of but still feeling broke. Here’s how to avoid that.

Why Building Wealth Starts Now

October 28, 2022

Let me tell you the number one key to building wealth: managing your money intentionally and directing it to where you want it to go. It’s a skill you want to start honing in law school.

Man in Pajamas Counting Sheep

Invest in REST: Here’s how to give yourself a break

October 28, 2022

If you're like me, you struggle with resting. Sure, you may have some downtime, but are you using it to refresh yourself, or are you doom-scrolling in a way that provides no mental break? Here are a few things that have helped me in my pursuit of REST.

Most law students underuse their law library—and boy, are they missing out.

1L Corner: Your law library is way more than just books

October 27, 2022

A law library is more than merely a warehouse of books. It’s more like a portal to the vast world of legal information, with research and reference librarians as your guides. Get to know your librarians now, and it’ll make your life easier throughout law school and even your legal career.