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Law Student Division Vice Chair


Job Description

We want to reach as many law students as we can, and with you, we have a better chance of doing that.

Your focus will be everything membership. This means you will help develop programming, content, and events that create a better experience for all ABA members.

Put all your exciting events, engaging social media plans, and other big ideas into one place.

  • Time commitment 15-20 hours weekly.
  • Election Method: Elected in March by an electronic vote of the Assembly.
  • Officer-Elect Period: Serves immediately upon election in a non-voting, Officer-Elect capacity on the Council through the conclusion of the next ABA Annual Meeting in August.
  • Term: Assumes the official one-year term starting at the next Annual Meeting through the following Annual Meeting (August to August).
  • Membership Level: Must be a Premium Law Student Division member.

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Application Requirements

You must complete the application form in its entirety, including the required attachments:

  • Your Required Certification Form PDF
  • Statement/resume PDF
  • Headshot image
  • Publicly available video statement link (optional, 5 minute maximum time limit, and not needed for editorial positions)

The deadline for submission is January 15, 2021 at 11:59 AM Central Time. No exceptions will be granted.

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Job Responsibilities

The Vice Chair will:

  • Serve as Division liaison to the ABA Standing Committee on Membership (SCOM).
  • Work with SCOM, Membership and Marketing, and the Division Director to maintain and develop Division Membership programs, plans, and activities.
  • Attend SCOM meetings and submits reports to the Division (4 meetings/reports annually).
  • Participate on monthly SCOM conference calls and subcommittee conference calls as needed to address student membership.
  • Participate on bi-monthly conference calls with Membership and Marketing.
  • Promote the Division’s programs, activities, and national competitions through regular communications of the ABA.
  • Develop membership initiatives and activities for ABA Representatives’ membership campaigns. Encourage, motivates and supports ABA Representatives in their ABA activities.
  • Responsible for securing and updating the contact info for the ABA Representatives in each of the ABA-approved law schools.
  • Update the ABA Representatives Handbook.
  • Plan and coordinate the ABA Representatives workshop held at the ABA Annual Meeting.
  • Co-Chair the Division’s Membership & SBA Committee.
  • Assist in judging the Division’s National Awards.
  • Serve on the Division Council.
  • Participate on Division Council conference calls.
  • Follow and understand the current Law Student Division Bylaws.

Reimbursed Travel

This position is expected to attend the following. Most travel-related expenses are reimbursed by the Division subject to Division guidelines.

  • ABA Annual Meeting in August 2021
  • Fall SCOM Meeting in October 2021
  • ABA Midyear Meeting in February 2022
  • Spring SCOM Meeting in April 2022
  • Spring YLD Meeting in May 2022


To be certified as a candidate for Vice Chair, an individual must be:

  • A law student attending an ABA-approved law school;
  • An ABA Law Student Division member for the current bar year by the filing deadline;
  • Premium Law Student Division member
  • A law student in good standing at law school (not on academic probation or suspension) during the academic year;
  • A law student who has not received his/her first degree in law;
  • A law student attending law school during the entire academic year subsequent to June 1, 2021;
  • A law student who has received the approval of his/her law school dean to run for office. All application forms must be approved and signed by each candidate’s dean; and
  • A law student who is in compliance with the submission deadlines and requirements.