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Become an Entity Liaison

Students around a table discussion at ABA Annual Meeting.

The ABA student liaison program immerses students into ABA leadership by placing them in ABA entities.There’s no better way to make connections with experienced ABA lawyer members!

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Several positions include funding for meetings such as the ABA’s annual and midyear meetings and individual entity events. Liaisons also vote in Law Student Division’s Assembly events.

Each law student is limited to one liaison position. If more than one ABA entity selects an individual law student, that student will have to choose one position, and the entity will have an opportunity to select a different candidate. Law students who wish to work with more than one entity can still do so in other capacities.

You can choose an entity to apply to from this directory of current liaisons and their positions.

What a liaison does

The liaison’s entire goal is to build a relationship with the leadership of an ABA entity; help that group develop content, programs and events for law students focused on that group’s special expertise; and report progress back to the Division.

Not only will you interact with experienced ABA lawyer leaders, but many groups subsidize participation by funding liaison travel to entity meetings.

To be appointed as a liaison, you must be an enrolled for the 2019-2020 law school year and you must be an ABA Law Student Division Premium member.

Become a Premium Member

Time commitment: Roughly 10 hours monthly, varies by entity.

Job Description

    • Raise awareness of your entity throughout law schools and encourage involvement from law students.
    • Work with entity leadership to facilitate law student content and events/programming centered around that entity’s specialty:
    • Content examples:
      • Blog articles
      • Student Lawyer magazine articles
      • Photos
      • Webinars, videos, or podcasts
      • Slideshows from presentations
    • Programming/event examples:
      • Coordinated visits by entity leadership at law schools
      • Local programming and receptions for students at scheduled meetings
      • Videos and webinars on timely topics
    • Represent the Law Student Division to ABA entities and represent the ABA entities to the Law Student Division, keeping each other informed of the other’s activities.
    • Submit monthly reports to the Division.
    • Work closely with and under the purview of nationally elected student officers, as assigned.
    • Consult with the Web Editor and Student Editor on writing a articles for law student blog and Student Lawyer magazine.
    • Write a letter of introduction to the entity chair outlining liaison duties and offering to become active.
    • Actively promote law student membership and involvement in the ABA entity.
    • Work with appropriate entity leaders to produce a law student section newsletter column or student specific webpage on entity website.
  • Participate on the liaison training conference call.