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Circuit Leadership and Lieutenant Governors


Become a leader in your circuit! Circuit Lt. Governors, Chairs, and Ambassadors are appointed by the Circuit Governors to assist with the management and administration of the circuit. Roles and responsibilities may vary from circuit to circuit, as assigned by the Governor.

Circuit leaders should be prepared to:

  • Work closely with the Circuit Governor on projects and assignments.
  • Establish a method of maintaining archive records of activities within their circuit for future reference.
  • Write an article for the Circuit newsletter (where applicable) and at least one article for the Student Lawyer magazine.
  • Establish a Circuit presence and relationship with school leaders within their region.
  • Coordinate programs and activities.
  • Follow and understand the current Law Student Division Bylaws.
  • Deadline to apply is Friday , April 15th (11:59pm CST)

Not Currently Accepting Applications

Executive Lt. Governor

The Executive Lt. Governor is the second ranking officer of the Circuit. Should the Circuit Governor not be able to fulfill his duties, the Executive Lt. Governor assumes primary responsibility. This person serves as a liaison between the Circuit Governor and Lt. Governors and provides project coordination support to the Governor including, coaching assistance and oversees the progress and completion of Lt. Governor projects and assignments.

Administrative Positions

Lt. Governor of Communications and Circuit Relations

This Lt. Governor serves as the Circuit’s communications hub. The Lt. Governor of Communications is responsible for publishing the Circuit newsletter, monthly announcements, promotional announcements, maintaining an archive record of circuit meeting minutes and ensuring that a copy of all circuit correspondence is maintained in an archive database for future records and reference.

Lt. Governor of Membership

The primary function of this Lt. Governor is to increase membership and promote ABA Law Student Division member benefits within the Circuit.

Ambassador to Non-Traditional Law Students

This Ambassador serves as an advocate for students returning to academic life after a long or short-term absence, evening students, those with dependent families, part-time students, etc. by serving as their voice within the Circuit. This position is also responsible for recommending program and initiatives designed to engage this under-served community of law students.

Ambassador to SBA Presidents and ABA Representatives

Working with the Lt. Governor of Membership, this person must develop and cultivate strong circuit relationships with each SBA President and ABA Rep within the Circuit. The Ambassador is responsible for engaging law school leaders by developing campus-specific programs, plans, and activities to promote Division initiatives and national competitions. Requires strong communications skills to effectively communications with Circuit SBA Presidents and ABA Representatives on a regular basis.

Programming Positions

Lt. Governor of Law Student Professional Development

In cooperation with the Circuit Governor and Executive Lt. Governor, this position is responsible for overseeing all Circuit activities designed to engage and stimulate law student professional development outside the classroom.

Diversity Chair

The Diversity Chair is responsible for leading and promoting diversity initiatives at ABA-approved law schools in the Circuit. This person works closely with their administrations to encourage the sponsorship of educational programs and events that teach and foster respect for different races, genders, religions, sexual orientations and individuals with disabilities.

Law Student Mental Health Chair

As the Chair of the Circuit’s Law Student Mental Health Initiative, this person is responsible for reaching out to law school leaders within the circuit to discuss and implement a Law Student Mental Health Initiative on their campus.

Public Interest / Pro Bono Chair

This Chair is responsible for assisting law school organizations in maintaining and developing on-campus Work-A-Day programs and other opportunities for students to volunteer in their communities throughout the academic year. In this capacity, the Public Interest Chair serves as a coach, mentor and consultant.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Programs (VITA) Chair

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistant Programs (VITA) Chair assists law schools within the circuit develop and maintain their own VITA program . Working in cooperation with the Division’s VITA National Student Director, this position serves as a law student VITA coach, mentor and consultant to student organizations at within the Circuit.


Any ABA Law Student Division member is eligible for a Circuit leadership position.

Deadline to apply is Friday , April 15th (11:59pm CST)

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