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About the Position

ABA law student Reps are our brand ambassadors and benefit experts on ABA-accredited law school campuses across the nation.

As Reps, these chosen law students have two primary responsibilities: one is to use this opportunity to boost their leadership skills and have their voice heard nationally as a law student by voting in ABA General Assembly and representing their university. The second is to equip their classmates with the tools they need to succeed in law school, provided by yours truly, the American Bar Association. Reps are ambitious, powerful future lawyers disguised as your average Jane Doe law school classmate. They care about influencing the legal profession and liaising law students to the ABA and everything it has to offer. ABA Membership is required to be a Rep.

What’s expected:

  • A leader’s voice to vote in ABA Assembly and discuss ABA policies and legal ethics
  • A listening ear to get feedback from their classmates about benefits
  • A finger on the pulse of their school’s needs and wants
  • A helping hand to assist their classmates if they have an issue signing up for Membership
  • A keen set of eyes to see opportunities to connect students to resources and events
  • Represent the American Bar Association

What we look for in a Rep:

  • Passion for the legal profession and being involved in its innovation and development
  • Desire to grow their network in the legal community early on in their career
  • Genuine interest in the value of ABA Membership, for law students and beyond
  • Drive and focus, but this role shouldn’t affect your grades. Be honest about what you can manage!
  • Confidence to speak with administration (including deans) at their law school

ABA Rep Selection

The selection is completely up to the law school, some are elected and others are appointed, so contact your dean of students or current ABA Rep if you’re interested in serving as a Rep.

We encourage law schools to formalize an election procedure. Contact the Vice-Chair of the Law Student Division for assistance.

The ABA Representative role can be delegated or shared by multiple representatives. But, for official ABA purposes, only a single primary contact may serve as the law school’s voting delegate.

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Directory of ABA Reps and SBA Presidents

View a current listing of ABA Reps & SBA Presidents

Resources for Current Reps

Coming soon. Reps will be able to log in to our all-new portal for resources and tools. ABA Reps also represent Quimbee on their campus.

For questions about becoming an ABA Rep, email us.