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There is a lot to learn in law school. JD Advising simplifies everything and helps every step of the way. JD Advising offers:

  • 1L and upper-class law school one-sheets
  • Private tutoring for law students and bar exam students
  • MPRE courses and study groups
  • Premium bar review at an affordable price

ABA law students can maximize their membership by taking advantage of exclusive discounts on JD Advising’s study aids, tutoring, and bar review courses.

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What JD Advising can do for you

JD Advising: Simplify the Law

JD Advising’s One-Sheets

Simplify the Law

Excel in law school with JD Advising’s Law School One-Sheets.

These invaluable one-sheets tell you the law you need to know in one page, front and back! They make learning the law manageable!

  • ABA free student members get free 1L Law School One-Sheets (Contracts & Sales, Torts, Real Property, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Civil Procedure, how to excel on law school exams, how to write and learn your law school outlines).
  • ABA premium members get additional upper-class Law School One-Sheets (including Evidence, Corporations, and Secured Transactions).

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JD Advising: Pass the MPRE

Pass the MPRE with JD Advising

98% of Students Recommend Our Course!

JD Advising’s free MPRE course helps thousands of students pass the MPRE every administration. With JD Advising’s free MPRE Course, you get:  

  • MPRE lectures
  • MPRE questions
  • An MPRE outline
  • A MPRE One-Sheet
  • An MPRE crash course
  • Tips and tricks for test day

ABA free student members get access to JD Advising’s free MPRE Course.

ABA premium members get access to JD Advising’s exclusive MPRE study group session the weekend before the MPRE. During our MPRE study group session we will go over common questions that examinees have plus specific questions submitted by participants. Additionally, during the session we will talk about how to use our MPRE One-Sheet and offer some last minute study tips to ensure you are making the most of your time before the exam.

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JD Advising: Tutoring From the Best

Private Tutoring from the Best!

Get one-on-one, private law school or bar exam tutoring from an attorney expert.

JD Advising’s tutoring program was designed by a #1 law student who scored in the 99th percentile on the bar exam.

We have helped thousands of students succeed in law school and pass the bar exam with our expert private tutoring services. We teach you both substance and strategy.

You can test out our private tutoring with one session, or you can sign up to meet with a tutor monthly.

ABA premium members get $50 off a single session of  law school tutoring, MPRE tutoring, or bar exam tutoring.

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JD Advising - Pass the Bar Exam

Pass the Bar Exam the First Time

JD Advising offers premium bar prep at an affordable price.

  • JD Advising has helped thousands of students pass the bar exam nationwide.
  • JD Advising classes are taught by bar exam experts who get top ratings from students.
  • JD Advising has outlines that are tailored to what is tested so that you can study efficiently.
  • JD Advising offers actual, official multiple-choice and essay questions plus personalized essay feedback from attorney experts so you know you are on track every step of the way.

JD Advising’s high bar exam pass rate speaks for itself.

Walk into the bar exam confidently, knowing you have the JD Advising advantage! 

ABA premium members get $100 off JD Advising full bar exam courses.

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JD Advising - Supplements

10% off Popular Bar Exam Supplements

A few of JD Advising’s most popular products are available at a discounted price for all ABA student members. These include:

  • MBE One-Sheets—a premier tool for MBE review and one of our most popular products
  • MEE One-Sheets—a way to quickly review the highly tested topics on the essay portion of the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE)
  • MBE Guide—a way to review the difficult areas of the law on the MBE and improve your score
  • MEE Seminar—learn the highly tested areas of law tested on the bar exam in our extremely popular and highly regarded MEE Seminar
  • MPT Seminar—we help clarify exactly how to approach the MPT in our top-notch MPT Seminar taught by an MPT expert

These supplemental products will help you excel on the bar exam. All ABA student members are eligible for a 10% discount JD Advising’s one-sheets, seminars, and guides.

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