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There is a lot to learn in law school. JD Advising simplifies everything and helps every step of the way. JD Advising offers:

  • 1L and upper-class law school one-sheets
  • Private tutoring for law students and bar exam students
  • MPRE courses and study groups
  • Premium bar review at an affordable price

ABA law students can maximize their membership by taking advantage of exclusive discounts on JD Advising’s study aids, tutoring, and bar review courses.

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$50 off a single session of law school tutoring, MPRE tutoring, or bar exam tutoring.
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$100 off JD Advising full bar exam courses
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10% off Popular Bar Exam Supplements
MBE One-Sheets—a premier tool for MBE review and one of our most popular products

MEE One-Sheets—a way to quickly review the highly tested topics on the essay portion of the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE)

MBE Guide—a way to review the difficult areas of the law on the MBE and improve your score

MEE Seminar—learn the highly tested areas of law tested on the bar exam in our extremely popular and highly regarded MEE Seminar

MPT Seminar—we help clarify exactly how to approach the MPT in our top-notch MPT Seminar taught by an MPT expert
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